Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Little About YTB...

Before I begin discussing Attraction Marketing, I want to give you some information about my other passion, travel! One of the most important reasons I joined YTB (besides the tax savings, fabulous benefits, and solid company profile :) ) was that my family LOVES to travel. And so do 95% of the people you meet. I have never handed my card out to someone who then said "I've tried that travel thing once, and I didn't really like it.". Everyone loves to travel! Here is a little background about YTB.

Who is YTB (Your Travel Biz)? YTB is actually two companies. The first company is which is the booking engine for your all of your travel needs. An owner of a travel booking engine (or travel store) is called a Referring Travel Agent or RTA. We are also the YTB Travel Network which is the marketing arm of the business. This business involves the marketing and sale of the travel stores by Reps. I am both an RTA (owner of an online travel agency) and a Rep (I sell travel stores). My personal travel agency is (Planet Trotting Travel). My marketing site is
  • YTB is the 26th largest Internet travel provider in the country.
  • YTB was founded in 2001 with the goal of being the largest travel company by 2011.
  • YTB is a wholly-owned subsidiary of YTB International, a publicly traded company (YTBL).
  • The YTB home office is located in Wood River, Il. (near the St. Louis area).
  • YTB represents over 77,000 names in travel including airlines, cruises, vacations, cars, hotels and so much more.
  • We currently have over 150,000 travel store owners.

These are just a few facts that come to mind. For more information, please click here. It's impossible to fill you in on all of the details of the company in a short posting.

Please check back soon. My next posting will discuss some of the benefits of owning an on-line travel agency and the benefits of marketing the YTB opportunity. Then we will get to business and I will begin discussing the secrets to network marketing that I have learned through Attraction Marketing.

Please bookmark this blog and come back to read more about my journey to being a Director with YTB and the strategies I am using to succeed. If you are seeking a mentor who is willing and able to provide the tools to succeed and who is dedicated to your success, please continue to read or Join Our YTB Team.

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